Yeah these are all over in Barceloneta!

These are photos from our trip to Barcelona while filming for our Up, Up and Away video!

Waiting for the train to arrive! This was probably $45 cheaper than taking a cab!
Last night! Great trip! Time to celebrate! Vegan place that Jeff Z found!
We stayed in Barceloneta, which is basically right on the beach! Awesome!
This shot was taken during one of our lost moments!
Had to mark our visit! Place is so unique!
Alley way next to the apartment. Getting ready to explore this amaing place!
Kurt's shadow on one of the coolest rideable sculptures ever!
Roller, roller, roller, roller and then hop!
Why? Why does this even exist?
Bum-ba! Not sure why they all congregated here, but they did!
100 ft to the right is a nude beach with only guys at it. Not pretty!
Moments before a gap to wallride gone awry!
I guess this market is really famous. Located on Las Ramblas!
Bags are packed and ian and Kurt are ready to explore!
One of the many Gaudi buildings in Barcelona!
Ian 360, jeff Z lower left shooting for RideBMX!
Yeah best hip! Actually never rode it like a hip, but its the best spot!
Another Gaudi building!
Night time site in the Gothic district!
Barcelona is the best!
Bill's luggage was lost and his only pair of pants ripped!
Bill and some weird door in the Gothic district!
Bill would've died if he had to keep up on a skateboard, so I rented him this!
It was January and beautiful! So nice!
Just as good looking to the right!
What more can you say? This place is amazing!
I couldn't read the sun dial, so I just looked at my watch.
Out the door and we won't quit!
Somebody showed up late, so we were stuck waiting!
Barcelona from up, up in the plane!

These are photos from our trip to Barcelona while filming for our Up, Up and Away video!



Up, Up and Away photos… and pong?!

We have a lot of photos from the trips we took while filming for our Up Up and Away video and we’ll be uploading the galleries leading up to the official release! This first batch of photos are from Barcelona.

As far as current team updates go, Jake’s back home in Western Mass drinking gatorade, Ian’s in Ohio waiting out the rain, Aaron’s in Nashville on Roadfools, Alex is in Kansas doing shows, Eric and Kurt are surfing in California’s heat, Mike and Joe are waiting for spring to come, Lee is probably at Life Cycle. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Ian and a bike check!!!

And last but not least, we also have a new photo-viewer and pong game! You can take it with you by clicking the share button on the bottom right! If you embed the LATEST gallery, the player will automatically update to the latest gallery we have available!