Preston Shepherd Yellow Schwartz

This could possibly be one of the best set ups I’ve seen yet.

Chris Skinner

Bright bright and even brighter is what Chris is going for here! I guess that is what a Funday is suppose to be.

David Knaus Second Wave

Super clean, super good!

Jade Viola OG Sunday

Jade has an original Sunday frame with spot light graphics and purple frame box!

Sean Zubek really raw!

Sean took plastic beads to his Wave frame and created this highly polished set up. Looks pretty awesome to me.

Sean Zubek Front shot

A little closer view of the raw Wave Sunday!

Sean Zubek back end view

Rawed and polished rear end shot!

Nathan Scott

Adds some color to a blue Second Wave!

Nathan Scott Tree climber

Nathan takes after Nuno’s Model D post and hangs his bike from a tree!


Sunday Friends

Here is our latest installment of the Sunday Friends section! Lots of super dialed bikes! If you have a Sunday that you want to have up here then send me some pics! Email me HERE!