Full view

Check out Eben Krackau’s new green Model C with green Plus 4 bars and forks.

Rider's eye view looking down
The smile you get from a Model C
Red and green work well
Model C logo & Angled Brake mounts
Fork logo close up!
Table shot from below
Table shot from above


Eben Krackau’s Model C!

Check out Eben Krackau‘s new green Model C with green Plus 4 bars and forks.  It’s weird having to explain who guys are, but for those that don’t know Eben was a G Banks local out of San Antonio.  He rode for Homeless Bikes and Standard throughout the early to mid 90s and had parts in Dave Parrick‘s Homeless videos.  He said one of the best things about the Model C, “I think this frame would make it a lot easier for most of us to be able to keep riding into our 40’s.”  The Model C is intended to be a fun bike for all, but if it keeps guys riding as they get older then awesome!