Aaron had his pants mended at the tailor across the street. Sat in his underwear here.
Working 9-5! Aaron rides while Chad films!
Not quite what Aaron was looking for, but nevertheless good!
Somebody had too much excitement for the day!
Bird hanging out at the Mexican restaurant we were at.
A giant cock!
I swear I got sunburn in the shade! Not sure how!
Celebrations after jake's ender!
Good times!
Guadalahara at night! Photo taken during a rented penthouse apartment party!
It was so hot down there! Who goes to Mexico in June? Sunday team!
Moments before pulling this trick!
Jake's Luc-e grind+leaves+my photo skills=This photo!
manual to....see it in the video!
Jake working on his Up, Up and Away ender!
More randomness!
Mixing chocalate cake and salsa will cause you to make this face!
Practice crooked grinds before the gap to one that didn't quite work!
Only the best spot ever! So much fun!
We loved Mexico! Everyone is so friendly!
You know how hard it is to capture 3 guys doing barspins at once? Well this is the best one?
This was one of the best times of the trip!

Pictures from our Up Up and Away trip.


Guadalajara Photos

Now that Up, Up and Away is available in most of North America, I wanted to show some photos from our Guadalajara Mexico filming trip last June. Aaron Ross, Jake Seeley, Ian Schwartz, Kurt Rasmusson and myself all went down there to film!  It was such a fun trip to Mexico, all the guys rode well and we met so many super nice people. I had no clue what this far south in Mexico would be like and it was amazing. Driving was a little rough, but once you realized you could basically just do whatever you wanted then everything was fine.  Check out the gallery, it’s what I could get when my nerves weren’t frazzled from driving!