Gary Young Bike Check!

Here is Gary Young‘s built up Third Wave prototype!  We just announced he that he got on Sunday yesterday, but he’s been riding this bike since just after Interbike.  His quote was “This feels so good!  The geometry makes simple stuff like manuals and bunnyhops so much easier”  Hopefully we’ll have a web video of Gary in action on the bike.  Check below for his parts list!

FRAME Sunday 20.75 Black Magic Third Wave prototype with removable mounts
FORK Odyssey Black Magic Director forks
BARS Sunday Forumph bars for testing
STEM Odyssey Classic Front Loader
GRIPS Odyssey Gary Young signature grips
BAR ENDS Gsport Parends
LEVER Odyssey Monolever Medium
BRAKES Odyssey Evo II
GYRO Odyssey GTX-R blue
BRAKE CABLES Odyssey Gyro Cables
CRANKS Odyssey Twombolt
SPROCKET Odyssey 30t Chainwheel
PEDALS Odyssey JCPC white
CHAIN Something red
FRONT HUB Gsport Marmoset white
REAR HUB Gsport Ratchet 9t white
RIMS Odyssey 7KA 36 anodize blue
TIRES Odyssey Aitken 2.25 foldable tanwalls
SEAT Odyssey Nightwolf pivotal
SEAT CLAMP Odyssey Mr. Clampy