Van decorations.
Australia tour vehicle! Toyota Hiage!
Stopped by a random art show in Melbourne to get this silhoutte shot.
Gary making a copy of himself on the human size Xerox.
Aaron's almost finished....
This is what the Xeroxes look like!
Gary copied!
Jim, Gary Tom and Aaron copied!
Possibly the coolest thing we rode! Kambah halfpipe!
Landing down under.
Plane's television map says we landed!
Gary strictly does it.
Gary, strictly does it.
Tom's illegal obtained, Sydney Opera house photo from way above.
Tom's type writer is on acid!
Art show type writer turned letters into insects.
What more do you need to say?
Not a surfer's paradise the day we were there.
We stayed right next to the beach in hopes of surfing the next morning. Nope!
This room was a mess and the owner lady yelled at Gary.
The craziest hailstorm happened while we were in Melbourne.
It was sunny and 80 degrees then hail storm all in 20 minutes.
Gary, Tom and Aaron hid out at a McDonald's while golf ball size hail fell.
No dents in the van, but it was a mess!
Melbourne the day after!
Police have a recreational vehicle?
Police have a recreational vehicle? For drugs?
Alex and Jake at Strictly!
Matt Hughes picked up his bike the day we were here!
Poster for The Sanction BMX in Albury!
Haha! Tom's jealous!
Ahh, yeah....can you atleast wait til there's no one here that will take a picture?
No shirt, no shoes, no worries. All you need is a towel.
Melbourne river walk stroll on the last day. It was suppose to be raining all day.
Insect infested out house at some random stop.
The internet poachers of Melbourne.
Completes in store!
Aaron is always working wonders!
No idea where this is from, but it's extra juicy.
Helensvale BMX is one of the best shops in Australia.
Helensvale BMX garage ramps.
Helensvale BMX garage ramps.
High 5 caught at the moment of impact.
Vert is dead? Graffiti on the Albury metal halfpipe.
Unscheduled stop at The Sanction BMX!
Skate sculpture at The Sanction BMX.
Mmmmmmm fried ice cream!
Somebody ended up with a razor scooter on the trip.
Scotter enthusiasts!
Scooting enthusiasts
Scooter Assembly
Jake and the short...really short rail.
Tom overly excited about Vegemite
Name still mispelled in Australia!


An IPhone POV

Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Tom Arkus and Jim Cielencki spent 12 fun days in Australia.  We started in Melbourne, drove north to Brisbane and then all the way back down to Melbourne.  Kangaroos, Vegemite, koala bear signs, diesel fuel, McWifi, human size Xerox machines and sketchy hotels is mostly what we saw on the trip.  Hereis just some of our IPhone photos from the trip.  More trip stories soon.