Introducing Victory Bars!

Here are some photos of our new bars called the Victory bars.  These dimensions might seem familiar because the Victory bars are the new name for the Forumph bars.  There was some confusion with the name being so close to the Triumph bar, so we decided to change the name away from -umph that is common between both bars.  We did however keep the naming theme.  So, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump up to the ultra tall bars of today, but still need to go higher than 8″ then these are the ones for you.

Rise:    8.32″
Width:  28″
Backsweep:   12 deg
Upsweep:       4 deg
Weight:          1 lb 10 oz
Colors:  Black Magic, white, watermelon green and purple
Features: 41-Thermal heat-treating