Jim C, Lee Dennis, Alex Magallan, Louie and Tom Arkus.
Bridge Transformer in downtown Pittsburgh!
Alex hiding under the dinosaur's neck!
How to eat 33,000 calories in one meal!
Alex picked this off Tom's shirt and set it free...not very exciting.
Wave tube does not protect against goose poop!
Chris Doyle is nuts! Tailwhip over the rail into the bank. Oh the ledges is so short too!
I'd never expect a spot like this to be in Pittsburgh! Maybe a video game version of Pittsburgh...
Round II in Pittsburgh!
Weird things you find in shops #1! Holeshot crazy frame!
You want this top tube don't you?
Weird things you find in shops #2! Baby bottom bracket!
Weird things you find in shops #3! Metal pedals!
No way! Sunday always!
Ah, Bud's Barn, where dreams are made along with very random basketball shots.
Sunday still life shot!
Whip contest! Tom vs Alex! This one is Tom!
Whip contest! Tom vs Alex! This is Alex!
Here's a trick that would score so low in a Dew Tour contest!
Deduction! No points scored for just a no hander at the Dew Tour!
Grindable wiener? Ball SkatePark Hotdogs?
Grindable wiener? Ball SkatePark Hotdogs?
Lee Dennis dp's a wiener!
Didn't make in the Cage at all on this trip!
The Target cart runs on beef jerky!
Lee Dennis filling up on food and watching Fuel TV.
Pole jams are sweet!
Good luck with your diseases guys!
That may be a kick ass rope swing, but I'm not going in that water.
Morton Bowl was a favorite of mine for awhile. Oldest ramp at Woodward?
There would've been a 9ft vert ramp over here in 1989.
Outdoor street! This is where the 89 2-Hip contest was held! There would've been a car in this photo though.
It's a long road to get breakfast from Bud's Barn!
And we are out! Leaving Woodward! Summer is over!


Are you ready for the summer!

A week or so ago, Lee Dennis, Alex Magallan, Tom Arkus and myself headed over to Woodward East to flop in the foam pit, ride cement street spots, eat Lucky Charms, enjoy veggie burgers, play basketball, eat cupcakes and flop around some more in the foam pit. We made a street and trail riding pitstop in Pittsburgh prior to heading to camp.  If you’ve never been to Woodward, it’s so much fun and if you haven’t been there in awhile then it’s better than ever. This flipbook is a whole bunch of random shots during our trip.  Enjoy!