Sunday in Ontario!

About 2 weeks ago, we took a little adventure to visit our neighbor to the north. Canada’s own Lee Dennis led the pack and took us around his home area. Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger and myself took in the many sites, skateparks, public trails, burritos, Tim Horton’s donut shop and a bunch of street spots. If you’ve never been to Toronto area then you are missing out. There are so many friendly people there. Even people who will find your wallet after you accidentally throw it out of a moving van and proceed to track you down just so they can give it back to you. In return, all they ask for is the t-shirt you are wearing. But that’s a story for another time. Ryder Distribution took care of us and made us feel more welcome then we could ever be. Here’s a few photos I shot from the trip. Look for more photos and a little video coming soon!