Moments before lift off!
Watching Garrett do the gap to crankslide
Gary is attempting the impossible around this time.
Sunset break somewhere in eastern New Mexico!
Footage party! Watching Eric jump the spike fence via tree!
Gary and Jeff King talking about impossible surf obstacles.
Table at 100 degrees and it's about 10:30am!
Etnies allowed us to shred indoors. So much fun!
Tom using his height for a filming advantage in New Mexico.
Tom got 7 holes in each tube just riding around this pool.
More hanging out while the impossible was being attempted.
This spot had bad news written all over it!
Gas pedal Garrett!
Garrett shot by Alex Magallan.
Trick contemplation. Moments before the nosewheelie.
Eric not contemplating chem trails in New Mexico.
Eric and this cock....rooster.
Dumpster marks from Eric.
Eric and Jake during the golden hour of light.
Random spots we came across...
Jake and Alex again during the golden hour.
Alex always has something unsuspecting going on.
..and this is what it is, tough spot for a Smith grind.
Making simple tricks look amazing!
Tired and beat...Alex won...
Shred Ranch King--Lee Dennis!
Van Rooftop Lee in San Antonio!
Too hot indoors!
Desert Lee with Tennessee Andrew White.
Photographic desert creature!
Aaron always makes friends!
The High 5 knows no age boundary!
Again Aaron making friends...
These doors aren't on the van any more, neither is the bike rack.
Does this count as a ghetto bike lock?
Black sheep van at Etnies...
Next stop Palm Springs!
This road just keeps going and going! New Mexico!
Bike shadows on an endless road...
Southern AZ is beautiful.
Caught this sunset on accident.
It's like an Bob Ross painting.
Sunset lit teepee.
Fireworks flag via sunset.


LAX to ATX Flipbook!

Here is the LAX to ATX Flipbook that accompanies the video we dropped the other day.  There’s a whole bunch of photos of the whole team plus some random ones as well.  Mostly shot from my point of view, but other photos by Jake Seeley, Alex Magallan and Aaron Ross.  There should be some more randomly on our Facebook page as well.  The trip was a lot of fun and if you missed the video then follow this LINK.