Watermelon Green Funday
All eyes open
And I didn't even have to use my inflateable AK.
Feeble grind threader somewhere in the dirty streets of Buffalo
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!


Anthony Wilson Bike Check

Anthony Wilson is easily one of my favorite people to ride with.  He has a super fun attitude, works hard, has his own ideas and does it all with style. Here is his watermelon green Funday with matching Morning 2.1 forks and black magic Victory bars.  He’s always been one of those guys that is good at just about anything he tries.  Check out the threader feeble grind in the flipbook which is at some spot in Buffalo that I don’t know about.  Thanks to Charlie Crumlish for the photos.

Frame: Sunday Funday 20.75”
Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1
Bars: Sunday Victory
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Grips: ODI
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt
Rims: GSport Roll Cage
Rear Hub: GSport Ratchet 9t
Front Hub: GSport Marmoset
Sprocket: Odyssey Vermont
Bottom Bracket: Odyssey
Pedals: Odyssey JCPC
Seat Post: Sunday
Seat: Odyssey Pivotal Senior II
Seat Clamp: Sunday
Tires: Odyssey Path 2.1
Pegs: GSport Plegs
Special Mods: None