Colorado was such an amazing time. So beautiful!
Mt Evans hill climb via van. Everyone taking a break about half way up.
This van's been everywhere man.
Snow in July.
Watching a rain storm from the top
It doesn't get much better looking than this.
One of many mountian lakes shot from the top
Erik Elstran no hands on the Forecaster Special
Erik chilling toothpick
Erik has so much more than saran wraps.
Erik footjamed this wall so quickly.
Seth Peterson alley shot
Seth whips on the Gary EX
TJ taking it all in.
Fufanu's are coming back! Aaron Ross EX fufanu
TJ Henderson up and over
TJ getting the bike handed to him.
TJ Henderson hop, bar and drop into the bank.
Half way up van shot.
Taking in the mountain lake to the left.
It was July and we are playing in the snow.
Everyone was scared of my driving. Does the 1000ft cliff scare you?
Long distance shot of everyone at the top
Everyone chilling at the top
Mountain lake half way up
Everyone half way up
Joe putting the Aaron Ross EX together
Andrew Brady filming Joe putting the Aaron EX together
Just outside of Colorado Springs
And you know it! One way Sunday


2012 Complete Completes Flipbook

You saw the 2012 Complete Completes video earlier this week.  Now check out the flipbook that goes along with the video.  We took a trip up to the Denver area to sample some of the finest concrete the area had to offer, get spooked by the creepy horse at the Denver airport and drive up the highest paved road in North America.  The trip was amazing!  The filming began in the alley behind Joe’s Bike Shop in Lafayette.  As of this trip, I think the old Odyssey van has been everywhere.  Enjoy and remember the new 2012 complete bikes will be out later this month.