Jim C’s Wave C

Check out my brand new vapor blue Wave C with matching Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph XL bars.  This bike couldn’t look much better and it rides so well. My parts list is below.

Frame:  Sunday Wave C 21.25″ Vapor Blue
Forks:  Sunday Morning 24.1 Vapor Blue
Bars:  Sunday 24umph SL Vapor Blue
Stem:  Sunday Freeze Stem
Grips:  Sunday Word Bubble/Yell
Cranks:  Odyssey Thunderbolt 175mm
Rims:  Odyssey Hazard Lite 24″
Front Hub:  Odyssey Vandero 2
Rear Hub:  Odyssey V3 with Female axle
Brakes:  Odyssey EVO II
Brake Lever:  Odyssey Monolever Trigger
Brake Cable:  Odyssey Quik Slic
Sprocket:  Odyssey MDS 25t
Bottom Bracket:  Odyssey
Seat Post:  Sunday Mr. Toothy
Pedals:  Odyssey Trailmix
Seat:  Odyssey Aitken
Seat Clamp:  Sunday
Tires:  Odyssey 2.1 Aitken 24″
Pegs:  None
Special Mods:  I have a guard dog follow me around.  His name is Monty.