TJ Henderson Bike Check

Mini ramp shredder and all-around awesome guy, TJ Henderson sent me some photos of his Forecaster bike with Victory bars and Night 2.0 forks with 990 mounts.  TJ shred hard in the 2012 Complete Completes video and has something up his sleeve in the next few weeks.  I’m very sure you will like it. Check out his parts list after the break.

TJ Henderson Forecaster Parts List
Frame:  Sunday Forecaster 20.5 black magic
Fork:  Sunday Night 2.0 fork w/ 990 mounts
Headset:  Odyssey integrated
Stem:  Sunday Freeze stem raw
Bars:  Sunday Victory Bars
Grips:  Odyssey Hawk Grips
Cranks:  Odyssey Thunderbolts
Sprocket:  Odyssey MDS 28 tooth
Chain:  Odyssey Bluebird
Pedals:  Odyssey JC PCs
Seat Clamp:  Sunday Slim
Seat Post:  Sunday Toothy Post
Seat:  Premium Fatty
Front Rim:  Gsport Birdcage
Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero hub
Front Tire:  Odyssey Aitken Klite 2.25 tire
Rear Rim:  Gsport Birdcage rim,,
Rear Hub:  KHE Reverse hub
Rear Tire:  Odyssey path 2.1
Hubguard:  United Hub Guard
Levers:  Left Odyssey Monolever medium/Right M2 monolever medium
Gyro:  Odyssey GTR-X
Brakes:  Odyssey Evo IIs with clear pads
Cables:  Nokon front cable, Odyssey gyro cables
Pegs:  Odyssey Rifle Pegs

TJ Henderson from Sunday Bikes