Partial view of the crowd before the Ed's Games started.
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There's so many people that a cop was hired.
The grindbox contest was too good. Backwards grind to downside 180 whip out?
Lee Dennis, Ryan Sher and I judged the grindbox contest.
There were so many people here.
There was a mix of ramps and grind rails. Something for everyone.
One game of footdown for a frame.
Ed is the man!
One view from inside the shop with Mike Gonzalez in the background
The first time I went to Ed's was in 2004 and I've been a fan ever since.
Carol from Ed's made me some cupcakes!
Carol makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.
Mike Gonzalez even made it out from Philly!
Lee Dennis obeyed the sign at Cranx.
Lee Dennis braved the Rip Stick drop in at Lot 8.
If you live near Syracuse then you must hit up this place.
View from the Cranx roll in.
We even stopped at Woodward on the ride back to Buffalo.
Cory Foust goes so high!
The weather was rough on the way down. Middle of PA.
A stop at Wegman's is the best way to start a trip.
Cranx has an amazing spiral curved wallride.


Our Trip to the Ed’s Games

Lee Dennis, Jake Seeley and I along with flow guys Cory Foust and Anthony Wilson took a trip down to the Ed’s Games IV last weekend. The trip down included a stop at Cranx Bike Park in Syracuse and Woodward East. These stops were the perfect way to break up and 8 hour drive. If you’ve never been to the Ed’s Games then you are missing out.  Sunday has been to 3 out of the last 4 Ed’s Games and we will be there next year too!