Introducing the Broadcaster frame

If you are looking for an ultra-modern street tech frame then look no further. We would like to introduce the all new Broadcaster frame. Check after the break for the rest of the story.

The Broadcaster takes up where the Forecaster left off, now with much more progressive geometry. The biggest changes are the 75.5˚ HT and the 13 – 13.25” CS length. The steeper HT allows for increased front wheel trick capabilities while the combination of the low 11.5″ BB height and the shortened CS length allows for better spinning and tailwhipping possibilities. This is a modern street rider’s dream frame.

We’ve taken the low price of the Forecaster even further with the Broadcaster’s price tag. The USA MSRP will be $299.99, making this frame more accessible to more riders. This bike comes with features you have grown to expect from Sunday aftermarket frames. Hollow dropouts and a Wave downtube as well as removable brake mounts help make this the best quality frame you can buy for under $300. This frame is NOT 41 Thermal heat-treated, so it will NOT have the 41 Thermal Lifetime Warranty.

Jake Seeley has been riding the Broadcaster for a few months now. When asked what he thought about the frame’s progressive geometry, Jake replied, “The feel couldn’t be better, man. I love it.” Rider tested. Rider approved.

Available in 20.75”, 21” and 21.25” top tube sizes in Midnight Blue.

TT: 20.75″, 21″ & 21.25″
HT: 75.5˚
ST: 71˚
CS: 13 – 13.25”
BB: 11.5″
WT: 5.25 lbs