Introducing the Rooster

It is no secret that trails everywhere are getting bigger and gnarlier. And nobody likes to pick their rear triangle up off the ground after a serious rear wheel hang up. The Sunday Rooster is the answer to trail riders everywhere who are looking to buy their last frame.

The Rooster comes with trail friendly geometry of 74˚ HT, 71˚ ST, lower 11.625” BB height and a 13.75” -14” CS length. The rear end of this bike is stiffened up by the Director style wishbone and a post weld 41 Thermal heat treating process giving the frame a lifetime warranty.

Available in 21” and 21.25” top tube sizes and in one color, Dr. Pepper.

Rooster Frame Geometry

TT: 21″ & 21.25″
HT: 74˚
ST: 71˚
CS:  13.75” -14”
BB: 11.625″
WT: 4.7 LBS