Aaron Day Rooster Bike Check

Aaron Day summed up the Rooster with this sentence.  “The Rooster is for roasting!”  Expect to go fast and blast on this frame.  Available right now at your local bike shop or favorite mail order.  Check all the photos to see Aaron’s sick table photo shot by Garrett Meyers. Complete parts list after the break.

Frame:  Sunday Rooster 21.25″
Fork:  Sunday Morning 2.1
Headset:  Odyssey
Stem:  Sunday Freeze
Bars:  Sunday Triumph XL
Grips:  ODI Longnecks
Cranks:  Odyssey Thunderbolts
Sprocket:  Odyssey Chase Hawk 31t
Chain:  Odyssey Bluebird
Pedals:  Odyssey JCPCs
Seat Clamp:  Sunday Slim
Seat Post:  Sunday Toothy Post
Seat:  FBM
Front Rim: Ave
Front Hub:  Ave
Front Tire:  Odyssey Aitken 2.35
Rear Rim:  Odyssey 7k-a
Rear Hub:  Odyssey V3
Rear Tire:  Odyssey Ross 2.10
Levers: Fly
Brakes: Fly
Brake Cable:  Odyssey Quik Slic
Pegs: None