Blueprint 16" / Silver with Blue
Blueprint 16" / Silver with Purple
Blueprint / Silver
Blueprint / Black
Primer 16" / Watermelon Green
Primer 18" / Black
Primer / Watermelon Green
Primer / Military Blue
Primer / Orange
Primer / Grey
Primer / Black
AM / Trans Gold
AM / Phosphate Raw
AM / Raw
AM / Black
Model C / Raw
AM Plus / Fluorescent Red

Aaron Ross Signature

AM Plus / Trans Teal

Mark Burnett Signature

EX / Cream Soda

Erik Elstran Signature

EX / Copper

Chris Childs Signature

EX Plus / Black
Broadcaster / Trans Slimer

Jake Seeley Signature

PRO / Fluorescent Red

Aaron Ross Signature

Special / Navy Blue

Gary Young Signature


2016 Complete Bikes

UPDATE: Full specs and more photos are now LIVE on our website.

We’re proud to present the 2016 Sundays. Since 2005, our passion for quality and craftsmanship has never wavered. We have been flattered to see that some of our ideas have been adopted by the other brands out there, but what they cannot appropriate is our unparalleled dedication to bringing you the highest level of quality and innovation in BMX. From the best aftermarket frames in the world, to the most “complete” completes you can buy. Our product specification for 2016 is, once again, the best we’ve ever offered. It’s the primary goal that we shoot for every year, and this year is no exception. With the addition of some exciting new models, there is surely a bike for everyone – and at every price level too.

Please click through the flipbook and enjoy your first look at the bikes. We will have updated and detailed bike pages up soon. Look for the 2016 line to start showing up in better bike shops worldwide over the next few weeks