Blueprint 16" - White
Blueprint Lineup
Blueprint - Black and Red
Primer 16" - Fluorescent Yellow
Primer 18" - Black
Primer Lineup
PRIMER - Mint Green, Indigo Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Black, and Dark Grey
Scout Lineup
SCOUT - Trans. Green, Raw, Trans Red, and Black
Forecaster Lineup
Forecaster - Fluorescent Yellow
Forecaster - Trans. Winter Blue
EX Lineup
EX Erik Elstran - Raw
EX Chris Childs - Trans. Gold
Street Sweeper - Trans. Purple
Soundwave Special - Black
Model C - Chrome


2017 Sunday Complete Bikes

We’re proud to introduce the new 2017 Sunday completes.

As you’ve come to expect, our newest bikes feature tried-and-true designs, an unparalleled parts spec and modern aesthetics.  We always aim to make Sunday the most “complete” bikes that you can pull straight out of the box, and we’ve achieved our goal again for 2017. From the Blueprint 16 all the way up to the Soundwave Special, it has never been easier to #chooseSunday.

Click HERE to check out each new bike in detail.