Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have free stickers?

Sure just send us a post card from the town you live in or some tourist type thing near you. All you have to do is send that to the address below and I will get out some stickers to you. If you can’t find a post card, a self addressed stamped envelope would work too.

Sunday Bikes
13502 Pumice St
Norwalk, CA 90650

Can I get sponsored?

Although there is a long line of people wanting to get sponsored, we will gladly accept any sponsor me videos.  Just send the link or mail us a DVD.  Can’t say anything will happen, but let me give you some tips on being sponsored.  First thing be original, don’t go out and learn the tricks that were in the latest issue of Ride and expect to get sponsored.  Those magazines are 2 months behind and all those tricks are now old.  In fact, be influenced by very little just do the stuff you like the most. Originality is very key to separating yourself from all the other people.  Next, remember the golden rule.  If you are the biggest jerk to others around you then it doesn’t matter if your are the absolute best rider in the world because no sponsor wants to deal with that.  Try those out and you should be on your way to getting sponsored.  Remember this, yeah you get free stuff, but there is also a lot of hard work to do for it too.

Will you warranty a part if I paint it?

If for some reason it breaks because you painted it then no, but I’ve yet to see that, so go ahead and paint it.

What if I cut down the bars or the fork steerer tube?

We won’t warranty them if you cut the bars too far down or the fork too short for your liking.  But if the forks bend, we won’t say no to the warranty if you cut the steerer tube down.

Are the dropouts really hollow? Will they crush when I tighten my peg?

Yes, the dropouts are hollow on the inside.  I can’t say how there made, but we made it 8mm wide and hollowed out the insides. Its the same weight as a traditional dropout, but with over TWICE the strength.  No, it will not crush because there are support structures with in it that support the whole structure.

Can I have a custom frame made?

Sorry at this point in time we are not able to do custom orders.  But if you pay attention long enough we’ll probably make the frame you want.

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