Jon Faure Bike Check

Check on Jon Faure’s brand new Wave C frame with 24umph bars and Morning 24.1 forks.  Jon has been riding Sunday 24″ bikes since late 2009, check out this interview we did with him about his Model C experience.  He’s got some big plans coming up this year so definitely look for more from him. Check out his web site, and realize that you’ll be able to ride well into your 40’s and 50’s.  Maybe even longer?  His parts list is below.  Thanks Jon, you’re bike looks great!

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Sunday Spy Shot!

Thought we could show you this spy shot of some of the new 24umph XL bars that we are riding.  We’ve added a half inch to the original 24umph bar height. The dimensions will be 7.75″ rise and 28″ wide with 12 degrees backsweep and 4 degrees upsweep.  I put them on my Wave-C for a test run the other day, I could bunnyhop easier and pop into nosewheelies much better.  Not sure if it made doubles runs easier, but TJ Henderson and I filmed this clip that day.  The testing is going well so far.  Arrival dates should be later this spring and yes 990 mount 24.1 forks will be here in March.  More updates to come!

Sunday Friends Model C

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Tim Sage sent me these photos of his super good looking 21.75 olive green Sunday Model C built up with Black Magic Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars!  He took it to his trails and said “I took it out yesterday and I am amazed by the way the bike rides compared to my old cruiser.”  Seeing is believing!  I’ve often put the bike in a person’s hands so they can test it out because I can guarantee that they haven’t ridden anything like the Model C before.

Model C in Holland!


Check out Paul de Groot‘s Model C which I believe is the first international one built up!  He said the bike changed a bunch since this photo had been taken.  He went with the Morning 24.1 forks, but opted away from the 24umphs to try the much taller Roseanne Bars from Solid.  The reason why is that he happens to be 6’6″ tall.   He had this to say about the Model C,  “The bike is insane!! It works exactly like you predicted, agile, lightweight, comfortable…..everything! I LOVE IT!!!”   Paul owns a small BMX shop in Holland coincidentally named Paul’s which does a good job promoting the scene there.  Check out his shop’s website at HERE!

First Sunday Friends Model C Bike Check!

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Here is the first Sunday Friends Model C bike check!  This is Tom L‘s from Chicago who built up this silver Model C frame with silver Plus 4 Morning 24.1 forks and Black Magic 24umphs!  That’s right!  Black Magic bars are now available.  Thought we’d throw that surprise in there for you.  Look for Black Magic forks later on.  This is the second one without brakes besides the one Jim Bauer rides.  Looks so good!  If anyone else gets one built up please send photos to me!  There’s another surprise coming later this week!

Out the door!


Yep, our much anticipate Model C 24″ frame and our first ever trail frame the Model D have left the building.  They are currently in transit with arrival time some time mid to late next week!  So you could see them in your shop in less than 10 days!  Get them ordered quick!  There has been much talk with a lot of prebooking taking place already!  Both are coming in olive green and silver!  Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars are currently available!  More photos of them at the warehouse below!

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Plus 4 Parts available now!


Sunday Plus 4 Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars are now available at all of our distributors!  You can start piecing together your Model C right now.  Don’t worry the Model C is in transit to the US right now and should arrive in about 10 days!  So look for it in stores by the middle of April!  Check out below for complete part info!

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Plus 4 bars and forks!

Plus 4

We’ve given our 24″ parts selection a specific name, so if you start seeing Plus 4 don’t be confused.  The way these bikes ride, its just a 20″ plus 4″ more.  There’s not too much of a difference in feel.  The term “cruiser” doesn’t describe these parts very well.  Either way the Plus 4 edition of our product line will essentially be our regular products, bumped up to modern 24″ geometry. Available now are the Plus 4 editions of the Morning fork entitled Morning 24.1 and the Forumph bar called the 24umpModel C frames are currently on the water and should be available in the US sometime around mid-April.

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Jim C/Model C bike check!


RideBMX has a really good Sunday Model C 24″ bike check and mini interview with me on their website.  In the interview, I discuss some of the similarities and differences between riding a 20′ and 24″ BMX bike.  Some Model C progress has been made, Odyssey Hazard Lite rims showed up at their warehouse today along with Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars.  We won’t be releasing them yet for quality control reasons and we are still waiting on the frame arrivals which should be within a month.  All of these photos were shot while I was California a few weeks ago.  Look for some clips of the Model C in action sometime in the next few days.  Probably sooner once I find a song I like!
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