Downside double peg with Jake

When Jake Seeley called out this downside double peg in the now famous Austin halfpipe ditch, it sounded pretty skeptical.  This ditch is really hard to ride and this trick is not easy, but he did it with relative ease.  The photo is featured in our new Dan’s Comp Bonus Bike ad which can be seen after the break.  Want to see the video of this?  Just check it after the break.  Photo Tristan Afre.

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Jim C Moves to Buffalo

If you’ve been following me through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you might’ve noticed that I’ve moved back to my hometown of Buffalo, NY.  Seems sort of weird since Sunday Bikes headquarters are in Austin, TX, right?  Well, with modern technologies, I’m able to do all of my Sunday work away from Austin.  I spend a good portion of my year on the road anyway, so living in Buffalo won’t be much different.  My move is based around being closer to my family and friends.  Nothing has changed with my role at Sunday.  It’s great being back on the east coast, so don’t be surprised if I show up at more east coast events.

9th St Halloween Jam

It’s that time of year again!  The 420th annual 9th St Halloween Jam is happening this Saturday October 27th in Austin.  It’s always a blast and you can expect the long jump contest to be insane.  So, make it out here because you won’t want to miss it.  In honor of the jam, we are doing a special promo code for our webstore.  Save 15% on all orders above $30 by using the code Long Jump.  Deal is good Saturday and Sunday!

Will Blount boosting!

Flow guy, Will Blount, boosting his Conductor at his hometown skatepark in Memphis.  Will will be making his annual trek down to Austin in a few weeks for Texas Toast.  Check out more info about Texas Toast HERE.

Garrett Reeves Nose wheelie

Garrett Reeves was in Austin recently and nose wheelied the big Hubba ledge at House Park.  He didn’t take the easy route by coming in from the side, but rather went straight over the top. So sick!  Luckily caught photo by Rick Crossman.

Check out Garrett’s recent Sunday ad right HERE.

Lee Dennis injured

Lee Dennis seems to have bad luck when he comes to Austin.  He pulled his shoulder out of socket a few days ago while here filming. Aaron Ross and Jim C team up to put it back in place.  Two years ago when he was in town he did the same thing.  Get healthy soon Lee.