Alex Magallan on Vinyl!

Vinyl BMX has a great photo of Alex Magallan riding in Pittsburgh last summer.  This was really difficult to get to, difficult to do and difficult to make look good, but Alex manages to accomplish this with ease.  Check out Vinyl’s tumblr page for lots of great BMX photos.  Photo by Brian Yeagle.

Please say you’ve seen Alex Magallan’s Emerald video?  Watch it right HERE!

Tom Arkus Photo

Check out this photo of Tom Arkus doing a back rail fufanu!  When was the last time you saw one of those?  It’s been a long time since every other photo in a magazine was someone doing a fufanu.  I know I’ve done my share.  Tricks come and go I guess!  Enjoy this photo of Tom getting retro for us.  Photo Brian Yeagle.  For more of Brian’s photos go check out his Flickr page.

Spring has Sprung!

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That’s right, winter is over for the most part and spring is here!  Tom Arkus sent me a whole bunch of photos and a write up about the start of trail season in Pittsburgh.  Here is what he has to say:

It’s that time of year again. Full digging mode! This year has been extra difficult due to Brian Yeagle being injured for the next few months, which in trail terms is pretty most of the season. So, everyone has to put in extra digging time to get the trails rolling. So, far we have been working as a community. Mark Potoczny, Chris and I have been sharing the work load. We spend a few days a week working on Hazelwood, then we spend a few days fixing Mark’s house up (all the jumps that are tarped, and the dog sitting on the landing). In the mix of things we get a chance to ride Monroeville (Over look of the whole set of trails with chris on the left corner), and PTT (whip and one footed table also!) which is in jeopardy of being plowed at the moment.  Lets hope that doesn’t happen.  So, all in all once summer rolls around we will have 4-5 sets of trails to ride in Pittsburgh!

This year we have been concentrating on make some longer lines. Our trails, Hazelwood have only been around for a year in a half so it’s been tuff trying to make them feel like full trails. But I feel it this is the year!  Also, some spring pictures of the progress we are making. I would really like to thank anyone that has helped us work at the trails! Even Louie, my dog puts in work at the trails.

Pictures by: Brian Yeagle, and Zimmer

4th of July Pool Party

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Tom Arkus sent me a whole bunch of photos from him riding some pools with Brian Yeagle, Moris and Jason Willis.  Here is what he had to say:

There is probably no better way to spend 4th of July with your homies riding 3 different pools in one day. I’ve known about the pools for a while now but never got the chance to go check them out cause i had no idea where they were. 5 phone calls later we are riding them… The first pools were massive with some nice tranny’s to banks very fun to ride. One of the pools was 12ft deep, you are able to roast the crap out of that one but the water put a damper on that this time around. The pool at the foreclosed house was sick! It had the feeling that you were out in the woods and you just stumbled upon a tight tranny pool. The thing probably had 6 inch’s of tranny but it was laid back so it felt awesome carving it like a berm. Dropping in was a big deal but we got it done in the deep end. Look forward to seeing some footage very soon… Thanks to Moris for showing us around. Shout out to Yeagle for going on the mission. Thanks to Jason Willis for the sweet photographs.