Introducing Victory Bars!

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Here are some photos of our new bars called the Victory bars.  These dimensions might seem familiar because the Victory bars are the new name for the Forumph bars.  There was some confusion with the name being so close to the Triumph bar, so we decided to change the name away from -umph that is common between both bars.  We did however keep the naming theme.  So, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump up to the ultra tall bars of today, but still need to go higher than 8″ then these are the ones for you.

Rise:    8.32″
Width:  28″
Backsweep:   12 deg
Upsweep:       4 deg
Weight:          1 lb 10 oz
Colors:  Black Magic, white, watermelon green and purple
Features: 41-Thermal heat-treating

Eric L. Wallpaper

Eric Lichtenberger

We are going Eric Lichtenberger over load this week!  Here he is double tire ride down a long, round rail from our Up, Up and Away premiere trip to Boston in May.  This is the print version, the footage was in his September web EDIT.  If you were at Interbike then most likely you were able to grab this as a poster.  Otherwise you’ll have to use this as a wallpaper by downloading these links: Wide Screen or Standard Monitor.  Photo by Jeff Allen.

Forumph Bar Edit!

The Forumph Bar is our tallest bar and is used by team riders Jim Cielencki, Jake Seeley and Lee Dennis.  Here is a little edit of us putting the Forumph bar to the test.  I swear everyone around here has been converted to the 4 degrees of upsweep.  Check out the dimensions after the break.

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Tom Arkus Model D!

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Sunday started flowing Vinyl owner Tom Arkus and here is his silver Model D set up!  His bike is 21.25 Model D with Black Magic Morning 2.1 forks and our 4 degree upsweep Forumph bars.  Have you seen any of Tom’s recent video work?  Go check his site or check out the one’s over at Dig!  We are planning on shooting with Tom some more for an upcoming web video!  Sunday trails web video?

Jim C Bike Check!


Check out this Warm Red Sunday Second Wave kit I built up recently.  It has 20.75 inch tube top length and the back wheel is run at 14 inches to provide me with a little extra comfort for bunnyhops and manuals.  I use Morning 2.1 forks and put Forumph bars on because the 4 degrees of upsweep feels better to me.  Click on the photo to see the full view and a bunch of closeups!  What do you think of the tires?  I’m way into them!

Plus 4 bars and forks!

Plus 4

We’ve given our 24″ parts selection a specific name, so if you start seeing Plus 4 don’t be confused.  The way these bikes ride, its just a 20″ plus 4″ more.  There’s not too much of a difference in feel.  The term “cruiser” doesn’t describe these parts very well.  Either way the Plus 4 edition of our product line will essentially be our regular products, bumped up to modern 24″ geometry. Available now are the Plus 4 editions of the Morning fork entitled Morning 24.1 and the Forumph bar called the 24umpModel C frames are currently on the water and should be available in the US sometime around mid-April.

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Jeremy Davis Bike Check


One of the coolest things about doing Sunday is being able to hook up the people you respected growing up.  Jeremy Davis was well known years back, but life took over, so he hasn’t been around much lately.  Well, he’s back riding and I heard he might even have some clips in the Goods video that is being filmed as we speak.  Check out his video part from Shad Johnson’s Blueprint video and realize that he is one of the few people that can be allowed to ride to AC/DC.

Lee Dennis Bike Check!


Lee Dennis‘s blue 2nd Wave with matching Forumphs and Morning 2.1 forks looks really good, huh?  Flower Power is one quote about it on Facebook. Having great photos to do a bike check is so awesome. You know what else is awesome? The BMXFU premiere that’s coming up on January 17th. For more info on Lee, BMXFU or anything else going on around Niagara Falls go check out their scene website Niagara St. Lee, Greg D’amico, Andrew White and Scott Barker actually are heading out to California today for a week. Look for some photos and such as the week goes on.

Jake Seeley Sno-Bike Check!

Jake Seeley's Bike Check

Jake Seeley sent me some photos of his latest build up, a post-it note yellow Ian Schwartz with warm red Forumph bars and Morning 2.1 forks as seen at Interbike. Not sure how well Jake can roll backwards or Luc-e grind in the snow, but his Sunday parts will not rust due to the Black Magic coating under the paint! This frame is available now with the warm red coming in soon! If you’re wondering about the sticker on his downtube, it’s the shop he works at called the Garden.