Aaron Ross/Corpus video

Aaron Ross has a new video posted up on the Fox site.  It has Aaron destroying spots in his hometown of Corpus Christi, TX over a 3 day period.  Based on his bike color, it looks like this is from last fall.  Either way, he lets his old spots have it in this video.  If you didn’t see the last update, Aaron’s currently on Fox’s Gold State of Mind Tour in California.

Aaron Ross on the Fox Tour!

If you’re in California, Aaron Ross will be on Fox’s Golden State of Mind Tour starting today!  Go check out this link and find out where Aaron and the rest of the team will be appearing.

Aaron Ross in SD!


Fox has a wild video up today of Aaron Ross riding in San Diego with Chase Hawk and Sean Sexton.  It was filmed over a 12 hour period and its pretty awesome what these guys do in such a short time.  Video is done really well, not too kooky which you might expect from a huge company like Fox.  I didn’t realize the Blackbox warehouse was as big as it is.  Go check it out!

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