Aaron Ross in France

Aaron Ross spent a short time in France and filmed this VIDEO for Empire BMX.  The big step spot is amazing and he some how rides the Louvre Museum.  Check out Aaron’s 2013 complete bike line after the break.  Bikes are available in Australia now and everywhere else soon.

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Etnies Club Med Tour

Aaron Ross will be appearing in southern France and in Barcelona on the Etnies Club Med Tour going on June 5th-9th.  Watch the video for more info.

Tom Arkus from France

Here is Tom Arkus clicking this table at Domaine des Culs-Terreux Trails in France.

Check out Tom’s POV video from this trip right HERE.


Tom Arkus POV from France

Check this one out, Tom Arkus was just over in France riding trails and came back with this POV video for us all to enjoy.  Talk about amazing trails! You’d better just watch this video right now.  Go over to to see more photos and updates from Tom’s trip. Enjoy!

John Garcia

Our France distributor, Frenchy’s Distribution, is putting together a roadtrip/web-tour and a new rider has been added to our France roster. His name’s John Garcia and by the looks of this video they put together, John has some skate stunts up his sleeves as well.

If you don’t speak French but want to know what’s going on at the Frenchy’s, click HERE for a rough translation!