Ride To Glory

I’m not sure if anyone of us found any glory on Ride UK‘s Ride to Glory trip, but check out Aaron Ross, Joe Cox and Jim Cielencki on Odyssey‘s section of the trip.  The trip was a lot of fun, the van was terrible, the weather cooperated most of the time, Road Chef wasn’t amazing, Rom Skatepark was amazing though, Liverpool wasn’t so sketchy, Aaron is addicted to IPhone games and we came in 4th out of 5.  Trip was fun, but next time we need a working GPS and a van that shifts gears properly!

Up, Up and Away photos… and pong?!

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We have a lot of photos from the trips we took while filming for our Up Up and Away video and we’ll be uploading the galleries leading up to the official release! This first batch of photos are from Barcelona.

As far as current team updates go, Jake’s back home in Western Mass drinking gatorade, Ian’s in Ohio waiting out the rain, Aaron’s in Nashville on Roadfools, Alex is in Kansas doing shows, Eric and Kurt are surfing in California’s heat, Mike and Joe are waiting for spring to come, Lee is probably at Life Cycle. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Ian and a bike check!!!

And last but not least, we also have a new photo-viewer and pong game! You can take it with you by clicking the share button on the bottom right! If you embed the LATEST gallery, the player will automatically update to the latest gallery we have available!

Joe Cox Random photo!


Joe Cox sent me over this random photo sequence of him in Barcelona!  Feeble grind to gap down the stairs!  Looks like an awesome set up!  Just think if he had GSport Plegs on his bike! The weather is starting to break in Sheffield like it is here, so expect more stuff from him in the future!

Sunday UK Trip!

Aaron Ross, Ian Schwartz, Joe Cox, Chris Russell and Mike Taylor along with myself are over in the UK right now doing a trip for IMG and filming for the Sunday video while dodging rain drops. Look for video clips from Filmer Bill in the video and photos in an upcoming RideUK article. Here are a collection of photos from the trip so far. We end it tomorrow and I’ll post some more then!

Mike Taylor Web Video

I believe Mike Taylor is fully recovered from his knee surgery last year especially after watching this web video! I’m pretty sure this was edited by Joe Cox, too.

Joe Cox Bike Check

Joe Cox Bike Check

Frame: Sunday 2nd Wave 20.5, black magic
Forks: Sunday Morning, black magic
Bars: Sunday Triumph, black magic
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Front Wheel: Gsport Ribcage rim, Gsport Marmoset hub, Odyssey Klite 2.1 tyre, 36H, BSD hubguard
Back Wheel: Gsport Ribcage rim, Odyssey casstette hub, Odyssey Klite 1.95 tyre, 36H, BSD hubguard
Pegs: Odyssey Jpeg Lite
Seat: Odyssey Aitken, black
Seat clamp: Odyssey
Seatpost: Not sure
Cranks: Odyssey Wombolts 175mm
Pedals: Odyysey Plastic JC’s, clear orange
Sprocket: Odyssey 28T
Grips: Animal
Barends: Gsport
Mods: Cut my bars down a little, and I use a device which allows me to have my seat up a bit, it helps with letting go on the barspin.