Jon Faure Bike Check

Check on Jon Faure’s brand new Wave C frame with 24umph bars and Morning 24.1 forks.  Jon has been riding Sunday 24″ bikes since late 2009, check out this interview we did with him about his Model C experience.  He’s got some big plans coming up this year so definitely look for more from him. Check out his web site, and realize that you’ll be able to ride well into your 40’s and 50’s.  Maybe even longer?  His parts list is below.  Thanks Jon, you’re bike looks great!

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Jon Faure Model C


This is Jon Faure in the air aboard his Model C.  He just built it up last week and is trying to sell off his other bike as we speak.  I did an interview with him about getting his Model C and the switch to it from his MTB DJ.  Plus there’s a special twist to the story.  Read the interview after the break.

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