Top 3 on Cruiser Revolution

Once again we’ve made it into the top 3 posts viewed on a BMX site for 2012.  This time it was Jim C’s Model C photos, Jon Faure’s Mega Ramp jump and the Two Four Flat Crew’s flatland videos that put us at the top of Cruiser Revolution.  Check out the full post at this LINK.

Jon Faure How To

Jon Faure is at it again.  Remember the Mega Ramp nosewheelie photo from a few weeks ago?  Well, Jon was working on the latest enstallment of his video series entitled How to Ride a Mega Ramp When You Suck!  There’s not too many Mega Ramp How-To’s available, so Jon takes you through some of the steps.  He’s ok and ready to go back up to Woodward West to ride again.

Jon Faure ouch!

Jon Faure went up to Woodward West this weekend to film a few things as well as ride the Mega Ramp on his Wave C.  Unfortunately, the Mega Ramp wasn’t into the idea and he landed like this.  He took a hard crash, but he is feeling better now.  It’s nice to know that at 47 years old, you can still take a fall.  Look for one of Jon’s videos entitled “How to Jump Mega Ramp When You Suck” videos soon.

If you’re not too comfortable on dirt, well let Model C shredder, Jon Faure give you some tips on getting started and being comfortable.  Jon’s the oldest guy to jump Mega Ramp, so he has some good insight on how to get started jumping.  Check out his website

Jon Faure
Mega Edit!

Jon Faure just turned 47 years old in early August.  You usually don’t see many guys that age tearing it up on a BMX bike like Jon, but I guarantee you will see more in the future. Jon is leading the way and having fun while doing it. Good job on the video!  Thanks to Chris Oliver over at for the video.

Jon Faure becomes oldest man to jump Mega Ramp right HERE.

Project Model C Part III

The guys over at Plus Size BMX coming through again with the third installment of the Project Model C video.  In this series, they ask all types of riders to give their feedback after riding riding a Model C 24″ BMX.  We’ve always said that it feels just like a 20″ just scaled up and it seems like everyone confirms this.  There’s a bonus in this video.  At the end, there’s the footage of Jon Faure becomes the oldest person to jump Mega Ramp.  So sick Jon!

Jon Faure jumping Mega Ramp

Jon Faure conquers the MegaRamp from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

And here’s the video.  Jon Faure has become the oldest person to jump the Mega Ramp.  So awesome!

Congratulations Jon Faure

Big congratulations goes out to Jon Faure for becoming the oldest person to jump the Mega Ramp.  Two days ago, he jumped the 50 foot jump at Woodward West on his Wave-C. Jon was 46 years and 352 days old when he jumped it.  He’s going to have one good birthday this year.

Check out Jon’s Wave C bike check right HERE.