Jake and the Mexican Manual Pad

Well, its 2009 and I decided to gather up some unused footage from last year. The story behind this is after we did a demo in Guadalajara Mexico, Jake Seeley spent about 10 minutes riding this inadvertent manual pad. Nothing too serious, but he fired off a bunch of tricks real quick and easy. The kids gathered around to watch then Jake almost hit an old man on crutches walking through the crowd. I still don’t know how he actually made it through everyone though.  The vibe was great in Mexico, we had a lot of fun and I believe the kids did too!  More videos soon!

Aaron Ross gets Bronze!

Congratulations to Aaron Ross for getting the bronze in street at last weekends X-Games in Mexico. Check out the video to see the highlights and Aaron’s excitement when he does the smith to whip. I guess he battled a bunch of flat tires during the contest, but I couldn’t really tell it from the video. More when I talk with him later!

Did you see this?

Did you guys check out these Chad Shack produced videos on Defgrip? Picking Brains is just that, a few of us talking about Guadalajara Mexico which was a totally new place to us. We wanted to show that we went there for more than just the bike riding.

This next one also on Defgrip is a sort of mini group discussion by Jim Cielencki and Jake Seeley. We talk about the official it trick of the last year the Luc-e grind. I’ve been into that trick for a long time, so it was really good to talk with someone who is just as excited about it as I am.

More Mexico photos!

Aaron Ross had to fight some serious traffic that would make any normal human being insane. He didn’t quite get what he wanted, but it was awesome none the less. View More

Random Mexico photos for you!

Here is a few photos from Mexico that I shot over the first few days of the trip. First is the Cathedral area of downtown. There’s a number of famous Mexican people buried here and their statues are all around the outside.
Second is this young ripper who proceeded to boost this footplant over the rail at the skatepark. Mexico had a whole bunch of young guys on the come up.

Jake laughing while working on some good tricks which he landed moments later. Ah, good ol’ American hangouts! Some of the guys hanging out at Starbucks which boasted a nice rail a few feet away and a quarterpipe curb in the drive thru.

So when we weren’t eating at American chain restaurants, we ventured into this place called Abuello’s. Spanish American cuisine at its sort of finest. The best part was the guacamole and salsa that was freshly made in front of us. The second best was Kurt’s face after trying salsa and chocolate cake!

Sunday in Guadalajara Mexico!

Hey a few of us are down in Guadalajara Mexico filming for the Sunday video. Ian Schwartz, Jake Seeley, Aaron Ross and myself are down here. Check out thecomeup for constant photo updates and be on the look for some interesting web articles too. I’ll let you know more as we get them done. Also, RSVP now for the rooftop party we are having Saturday night.