Flynn Jones:
Model C

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Check out Flynn Jones’ silver Model C kit that he got over at Adventure Bikes in Mesa, AZ!  He’s definitely another believer in this geometry.  The Model C completes have come and gone so quickly from our warehouse.  Check your local shop for availability or just wait til the next shipment in June.  still a few remaining Model C frame kits left like Flynn’s.

Completes are in the US!

Sunday Completes are now in the US and will be shipping soon! Hit up the shops and mail orders if you’re looking for a new ride. If you want your local shop to start carrying Sundays, tell them to hit up our exclusive US distributor, Full Factory.

As far as weights go, here’s the break down:
Funday AM = 26.47lbs
Funday EX = 25.61lbs
Funday PRO = 25.26lbs
Model C = 28.43lbs

Factory Tour!


I’ve been visiting the factories we use in Taiwan for a few days now and the trip has been good.  Here’s a spy shot of the Wave downtube and headtube from our complete bike frames.  We checked out the factory and it looked amazing.  Even got to see the complete Model C frames being welded up.  Also, we visited the aftermarket frame factory which is working on the new Wave 3, Funday 2 and some potential other ideas.  I’ll write up a more detailed story when I get back into the USA.  Going to leave you with one note, I realized on this trip that all hollow dropouts are not equal.  Just because it’s hollow doesn’t mean it’s the same as a Sunday hollow dropout.

Complete Bikes:
Product Specs!

Complete Specs!

Our 2010 complete bikes product specs are online now! We’ll have detail shots coming in the following weeks, along with the unveiling of our Funday PRO complete. In the mean time, click here to learn more about our whole complete line!

Sunday Complete Disclosure!


ESPN had me answer some really good questions about the upcoming 2010 Sunday Complete Bike line which is scheduled to be in shops next April.  We will be offering 3 different Funday 20″ models along with a complete version of our 24″ Model C.  Look for a more thorough description of the whole line on our site in the next week or so.  In the interview, I talk about the Funday PRO bike which is not shown in the above pictures.  You’ll see it next week!  Tell your shop to check these out too!

Interbike Video from Ride!

Internet’s been lacking for us the past couple days so this video sneaked by without getting posted. Here’s another close-up look of some of the things we showed in the Sunday booth!

Sunday’s Interbike Booth!

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We’re at interbike this week showing off all of our new products and one of the big news that we’re pleased to announce are complete bikes! Right now, we have complete Model C’s and Funday’s in our booth and they’ve been turning lots of heads. More info soon as the week unfolds!

Model C Geometry Approved!

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The Sunday 24″ Model C was introduced at last September’s Interbike to a mix of fanfare and uncertainty.  The biggest controversy was its geometry with its much higher bottom bracket and shorter rear as compared to other 24″ cruisers available.  It took a lot to explain the ideas behind it as you might have seen in the Model C video edit in March and there’s even an FAQ about the Model C.  The goal was to make a 24″ BMX bike that could do all the tricks a 20″ could do.  Before the Model C, cruisers were race orientated and the thought of doing tricks on it didn’t really exist.  Others in the industry claimed that since they were “a former top cruiser racer” that the Model C wouldn’t work.  They basically said we didn’t know what we were doing.  Sorry to say, but we’ve been approved by riders through out the world and from companies like We the People and Fit who’ve adapted the Model C’s geometry for their cruiser completes.  It has been a great year since the last Interbike and I know it will be another great year with the introduction of our complete Sunday Model C next spring.  So, not only can you get a high end frame and fork that is required by a skilled rider, but you will also be able to get started on a 24″ without spending too much money.  Check below for some photos of the Model C since last Interbike.