Here today gone tomorrow

What would you do if you found an amazing spot and you knew it would only be around for one day? Take for example the above photo of Seth Peterson over-icepicking this lifted sidewalk block.  Read more after the break….

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Erik & Seth now available on Vimeo

It’s re-up time for Erik Elstran and Seth Peterson, we recently dropped their Erik and Seth vs Winter video and now we’ve made it available for download on our Vimeo page.  Here’s the link if you would like to download it for your personal collection.  Check out the frontside crankslide Erik does.  He pays the price too.

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Erik & Seth vs Winter

Erik Elstran and Seth Peterson live in Minneapolis where winter can be mighty tough. They survive the winters by doing what most riders in colder climates do which is head indoors. Both of these guys are known for their creativity and it doesn’t stop just because they went indoors. Erik looks like he’s figured out how to balance frontside crankslides.  He also looks like he’s paid the price too.

Lone Star Left Overs

Seth Peterson came at you with his own style of BMX in his From the Lone Star to the North Star video a few months back. Here are some of his left over moves that didn’t quite make the cut. They’re still very awesome! Watch the original video after the break.

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Seth Peterson L.S.T.N.S. video

Seth Peterson moved to the Lone Star state 3 years ago where he rode every random spot that he could find. Recently, he made the move back home to the North Star state.  This video entitled From the Lone Star to the North Star captures the last few months in Austin and the first few months back in Minnesota. Seth has a creative view to spots and riding so pay close attention.  Great job Seth!