Tom Arkus from France

Here is Tom Arkus clicking this table at Domaine des Culs-Terreux Trails in France.

Check out Tom’s POV video from this trip right HERE.


Tom Arkus POV from France

Check this one out, Tom Arkus was just over in France riding trails and came back with this POV video for us all to enjoy.  Talk about amazing trails! You’d better just watch this video right now.  Go over to to see more photos and updates from Tom’s trip. Enjoy!

Trail Season is here!

Tom Arkus sent over this video of him riding through his local trail spot Hazelwood.  These jumps are super big and scary!  I still don’t know how they casually ride them.  Trail season has started!

Tom’s Conductor bike check and Arizona Trip video over on ESPN.

Tom Arkus:
AZ Vacation

Tom Arkus took a break from watching the Steelers games to enjoy the warm weather of Arizona.  He twittered about all the amazing spots he was riding during the trip just to make us jealous.  Tom rides everything in this video including a rarely seen handrail from Tom.  Below are a few of his words about the trip.  Look for his red Conductor bike check coming up soon!

Arizona is one of my favorite winter get aways. The riding is premium, so is the weather. I try my hardest to make it out at least once a year to spend some time with my friend Chase Zink. Not to mention all the other friends that I get to hang out with. This video was filmed in about 6 days. The riding schedule was pretty serious. We would wake up really early some days to get some runs in the parks that don’t let bikes in.  I hope this motivates you to go out and shred.

Check out Tom in the PA Tour video

Rad Santa!

That’s right Santa gets rad! Well, maybe just everyone over here at Sunday gets rad in Santa suits. The whole main team, flow team and employees can be seen shredding in this video. This was such a fun video to make. People really love Santa. Numerous times random people stopped to get there photos taken with Santa, snap photos of Santa riding or just got a smile on there face because they got to see Santa. There was even a 4 year old boy who was so stoked to ride with Santa, who was played by Gary Young at the time. Everyone here at Sunday would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holiday!

Pennsylvania Trail Tour

Fall time is arguably the best time of year.  The cooler weather, the leaves changing and just a refreshing change from the hot summer really make fall stand out.  Alex Magallan, Tom Arkus, Chris Hilbrich, Mike Gonzalez, Bobby Parker and Bobby DeLaat took our newly acquired van up to Pennsylvania to ride some of the best trails in the world.  The weather cooperated most of the time and the trails looked amazing.  Thanks to all the trail builders in PA who let us stop by!


Here is our latest video which features the whole main Sunday team traveling on a post-Interbike trip from southern California to Austin with brief stops through the hot desert of Arizona and New Mexico.  Well, the whole team started the trip, but Gary Young got taken out early on by a gigantic surf obstacle at the Built to Shred ranch, so Alex Magallan, Aaron Ross, Garrett Reeves, Tom Arkus, Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Jim Cielencki and Lee Dennis had to carry on without him.  This trip is featured in the latest issue of Ride UK which you can also see on their iPhone app.  Check back tomorrow for pictures from the trip.  Enjoy!

Are you ready for the summer!

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A week or so ago, Lee Dennis, Alex Magallan, Tom Arkus and myself headed over to Woodward East to flop in the foam pit, ride cement street spots, eat Lucky Charms, enjoy veggie burgers, play basketball, eat cupcakes and flop around some more in the foam pit. We made a street and trail riding pitstop in Pittsburgh prior to heading to camp.  If you’ve never been to Woodward, it’s so much fun and if you haven’t been there in awhile then it’s better than ever. This flipbook is a whole bunch of random shots during our trip.  Enjoy!