Sunday UK trip! Update

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor Grinding up a rail.

Well, we are on the final leg of the trip and we ended up in Portsmouth. After a night of playing pool against Nottingham’s finest ladies, we woke up to the raindrops as seen in the photo. Which leaves me time to bring you this update of our trip. As you know it is raining, but you don’t know is we are right across the street from the Law Court tranny walls. Damn! Oh well, there is a chance that it will stop raining by 1pm. Either way we have a back up plan which involves riding in tunnels or under a bridge.
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Sunday UK Trip!

Aaron Ross, Ian Schwartz, Joe Cox, Chris Russell and Mike Taylor along with myself are over in the UK right now doing a trip for IMG and filming for the Sunday video while dodging rain drops. Look for video clips from Filmer Bill in the video and photos in an upcoming RideUK article. Here are a collection of photos from the trip so far. We end it tomorrow and I’ll post some more then!