Alex Magallan Throwback Thursday

There’s not many riders out there like Alex Magallan.  He’s fast, stylish, but is still tech as well. Five years ago, he was on the icepick 180 game which is where most people are these days.  If this pattern continues, in 5 years everyone will be looking super stylish while going super fast?  I hope so.  Alex’s part from our video Up, Up & Away is a stylish blend of high speed and tech. Perfect for a Thowback Thursday.

Visual How-To:
Chain Tensioners

Sunday Bikes has offered chain tensioners built into our hollow dropouts on select frames since 2007. Currently, it’s offered on the Soundwave, Funday 2.1 and Wave C frame. The system is really simple and will hold your wheel in place. During the filming of our Up, Up and Away video, Jake Seeley was having hub issues and rode a 10 day trip with his wheel barely tight. The chain tensioners were able to prevent his wheel from moving even though the axle was not fully tighten down. Here is a brief explanation of how they work.

Jake Seeley from Up, Up & Away!

Jake Seeley kills it in his section from Up, Up & Away!  Tech street riding from back when he was running a freecoaster.  All these clips are still modern today especially all the long icepick grinds.  Heard he’s coming to the Texas Toast Jam just to enter the 100 foot long icepick grind event.  Give his section another watch because it’s really good.

Stephen Savage
Up, Up & Away!

Stephen Savage had a full part in Up, Up & Away because he has a smooth, relaxed and fun style.  He rides for us in South Africa and spent a good portion of the summer of 2008 in the USA which he filmed most of this section.  Great song and great section!

Jim Cielencki from Up, Up & Away!

Check out my video part from our video Up, Up & Away.  There’s a mixture of 20″ and 24″ bike riding in here.  The Model C/Plus 4 geometry had just come out, so I was really excited to put the bike in new spots.  I was pretty amazed at how well the bike worked in all types of conditions.  Definitely a fun video to make.  Enjoy!

Alex Magallan has left Texas!

Yup, Alex Magallan is officially a snowbird.  He just flew back home to Nashville after spending the winter in the warm weather of Austin, Texas.  He made his nest on my couch for the last 3 months while working on some Sunday stuff as well as his Props Owned part.  Right before he left, he did one of the craziest things I’ve seen in awhile.  So, you’ll definitely want to check out his video part.  It was fun while he was here and I’m already excited for his next winter’s visit.  This photo was from an earlier trip session at the Round Rock Skatepark.  Style for miles!

Check out Alex’s Up, Up & Away section from 2009!