Thank you Kurt!

Sunday Bikes wants to thank Kurt Rasmusson for the time he’s spent riding for us.  He recently decided to leave the team to concentrate on other endeavors. Kurt came on the team during the filming of his super epic Left/Right video part which you should go watch again.  He possesses an infectious confidence that is inspiring to everyone around him.  He made his part from our first video, Up, Up and Away seem so effortless.  He still rides all the time. My funny memory of him was how he was our Spanish translator during trips to Guadalajara and Barcelona because nobody knew a single word of Spanish.  Not to mention he quickly became our tour guide in Barcelona.  Thank you, Kurt and good luck.

Ian Schwartz UU&A, Part 2!

Here’s part 2 of Ian Schwartz’s amazing Up, Up and Away section!  Definitely a section that will stand the test of time!  BMX will miss his unique view on spots, bikes and tricks.  Enjoy!

Ian Schwartz UU&A Downloads!

There’s a lot of subtlety in Ian’s riding that makes everything he does look so effortless. His Up Up & Away section was no exception. He collected so much good footage that it ended up being split into two sections for the DVD release. Above is the first section and you can download it to keep on your hard drive or if you’d like, you can download an iPod/iPhone version to take with you on the go.

Ian Schwartz Interview!

Ian Gone Fishin

Ian Schwartz has a really good interview on TCU.  He talks about his amazing Up, Up and Away video part, life and just his perspective on riding.  Go check it HERE!

Up, Up and Away in the UK


Up, Up and Away, Sunday’s first full length video has made it over to the UK.  This photo is straight off of IMG‘s website, so if you live in the UK then wait no longer.  Have your shop give IMG a call to order!  You won’t want to miss Ian’s part alone!

Up, Up and Away review!

Up Up And Away!!!

ESPN did a review on Sunday’s first video Up, Up and Away!  The second to last paragraph best describes everything going on with Sunday.  If you didn’t know it’s available right now everywhere and in our online store!

Up, Up and Away in the webstore!


If you are having trouble finding a copy of Up, Up and Away then look no further then the Sunday online store!  There’s a whole bunch of other stuff in there too including t-shirts, spare parts, replacement chain tensioners, sticker kits and close out parts.  So follow this link right HERE!

Up, Up and Away available everywhere!

IMG_1619 editedCORESunday Video Premier FlyerINFLOWLouisvillePhoto0554downsized_0530091243IMG_0881GardenShelterPortlandIMG_0899

Sunday‘s first ever video Up, Up and Away is now available just about everywhere Sunday stuff is sold!  If your shop doesn’t have it then have them call their Sunday distributor!  If you don’t have a good shop near you then check out one of the mail orders!  The team kills it in the video and if you haven’t heard Ian Schwartz‘s part is amazing!  Super refreshing!

Alex Magallan VIDEO!

Alex Magallan’s prowess on a bike is indescribable. He has tech moves up his sleeves and burliness when he rips them off. When filming ended for the Up Up and Away video, it was no surprise that he had plenty of scrap footage left available. He had the ending clip in the first scrap edit and now here’s the rest.