Cory Foust boosting!

Check this one out!  Cory Foust boosting an invert out of the vertwall-ish thing in outdoor street at Woodward East.  If you know Cory’s riding then you know he landed this completely smooth.  He’ll be at camp all summer, so be sure to watch him ride Lot 8.  Photo Nick Steben.

Are you ready for the summer!

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A week or so ago, Lee Dennis, Alex Magallan, Tom Arkus and myself headed over to Woodward East to flop in the foam pit, ride cement street spots, eat Lucky Charms, enjoy veggie burgers, play basketball, eat cupcakes and flop around some more in the foam pit. We made a street and trail riding pitstop in Pittsburgh prior to heading to camp.  If you’ve never been to Woodward, it’s so much fun and if you haven’t been there in awhile then it’s better than ever. This flipbook is a whole bunch of random shots during our trip.  Enjoy!

Sunday Friends from Woodward East!

Here is Riley Scott‘s Funday PRO that he bought at Joe Momma’s Bike Shop in Ottawa, Ontario.  Riley’s been shredding at Woodward East for the past week.  In fact his bike was the first bike I saw as we rolled into Woodward East and it wasn’t due to the color either.  He’s a super nice kid and I’m psyched that he’s on a Sunday!  Thanks Riley!

Sunday at Woodward!


Alex Magallan and Jake Seeley are heading to Woodward East next week for Week 5!  So hit them up if you are going to be there next week!  Jake will be there on Sunday and Alex will be there Monday afternoon.  I’ve been telling them about the new outdoor street section, so you might want to look for them there.  Have you guys seen all the new stuff at Woodward East?  I had a great time when I was there last week!  I might even try and meet these guys there next week for a day or two!