First Sunday frame prototype in blue color that was never released.
Prototype sample stickers for clarification purposes only.
Welded on gyro tabs and no waves on any of the tubes.
Better view of the down tube. No waves.
The OG frame was the first frame with hollow dropouts.
We made samples in 14.25" rear end. Look how long the wishbone is!


Flashback Friday!

Anyone remember this guy?  Some of you will remember the frame, but probably no one will remember the color.  This is one of the OG Sunday frame prototypes that we received in the fall of 2005.  We had 6 different metallic colors made including purple, blue, yellow, red, green and gray.  When the frame was released in May 2006 only the red, green and gray colors made it to store shelves.  There was even plans to have 2 different rear ends lengths, but BMX had made the change to short rear end lengths by that point.

Sunday frames came out boasting some serious features that hadn’t been done before.  They are the only frames to use Odyssey’s proven 41-Thermal heat-treating process which makes Sunday frames some of the strongest frames out there.

The OG frame was the first to use hollow dropouts as a way to improve strength, but not increase the weight.  Other companies were trying to make their bikes lighter by thinning out the dropouts, but doing that decreases the strength tremendously.  Our dropout width was 8mm, but it was completely hollow in the center except for some support structures that prevented crushing.  The hollow dropout doubled the strength, but still retained the weight of a normal dropout.

There are so many features going on with this frame that aren’t as obvious as hollow dropouts.  It has post-weld machining of the bottom bracket and headtube, so your bearings fit perfectly every time.  The brake mounts are angled to straighten out cable routing thus improving brake performance.  Notice, we eliminate the sandwich on the top tube at the seat tube to keep side to side stiffness at its best.  There’s more frame feature info on the last photo.

Compare the soon to be release Third Wave frame to this OG frame.  Nearly every feature is still there, but yet we’ve improved upon them.  There’s Wave tubing used for the top tube and down tube.  Chain tensioners have been added to the dropout to keep your wheel in place.  The new cable channel and removable mounts improve the looks of their frame, but still has the same quality braking.  Things are just getting better and better.  Look for more Flashback Fridays in the future.