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Aaron Ross on UNCLICKED Podcast

Hit play to watch Aaron Ross discuss all kinds of things on the latest Our BMX UNCLICKED podcast. Aaron’s got some history in the game, and plenty to share. Enjoy!

Behind The Photo
Gary Young

After the Baker bike commercial shoot, Krejmas and I brainstormed some Gary-esque spots in the area and this modified jersey barrier met the criteria. Clearly comfortable with the setup, Gary started putting two tires up top after only a few warmup grinds. Zach guessed that a deck manual would be the one and Gary confirmed. It being my first time shooting with him, I didn’t want to take too much time setting up so I used just one flash (Einstein 640 w/ 11” LTR about 9ft high @ 1/2 power). I liked framing him in front of the freeway offramp but cars kept cluttering the background. I was NOT about to ask Gary to wait until there were no cars back there!

Los Angeles, December 29th, 2020. 70-200mm lens @ 100mm, 1/250th @ f/14 ISO100. 

– Scott Marceau


New USL BMX Blow Up The Streets video contest coming soon. We have Aaron Ross, Brett Silva and Alec Siemon in the mix repping Sunday. Here’s a quick behind the scenes vlog. Stay tuned….

“Blow Up The Streets” is a 24 hour challenge for a team of 3 riders to produce the best street video they possibly can. Each brand submits 3 riders, they film a street video in 24 hours, you guys vote for the winner! 🗳

Videos will drop in a few weeks.

Broc Raiford and Red Bull do Mardi Gras

Broc Raiford and Red Bull teamed up on this fun Mardi Gras themed project. Hit play for the whole story and the final video, then go HERE to read more about it.