TJ Henderson
Fake It video

Here’s a new video from TJ Henderson where he basically goes fakie at every trick. Fake It is a take off of his Take It video from earlier this year.  Both videos are amazing so be on the look out.  Check out BMXUnion for an interview with TJ about this new video.

Alex Magallan interviewed

Let’s keep going with the Alex Magallan news today.  Not only is Owned available online right now, but he also has an interview up on BMX Union today.  Super good! Check it out right HERE.

Reed Stark Bike Check


Click the photo above to see photos of Minneapolis shredder Reed Stark‘s new gray Sunday Second Wave kit.  If you’ve seen the Team Dilly video It Do then you know Reed.  And if you don’t know him then start by checking out an interview with him over at BMXUnion.  There’s a good photo of him doing a wild gap at 3rd Lair Skatepark.  I was just there 2 weekends ago and was really psyched to see he did the roller to vert wall gap.  Reed is a super nice kid and I’m stoked to be flowing him Sunday stuff!