Crankslides with Jim C.

So, you want to learn crankslides?  Well watch this video and learn how to do them.  Let me give you some major pointers first.

  • Ride absolutely parallel with the rail.  If you have any momentum going into the rail then chances are you will go over the bars.
  • Learn to stall the trick on a low rail first.  There’s no sense in trying to slide a trick that you can’t even hold.
  • To land on the rail just bunnyhop and turn between 45 and 90 degrees.  Put about 90% of your weight on your foot.
  • Land on the pedal and crank arm.
  • Don’t lean back.  You’ll loop out.  Just stay centered over the bike.
  • Don’t pull the brakes.  You won’t be able to adjust your positioning.
  • To ride away just go off the end of the rail and ride away.  It’s not too hard.
  • Use a sprocket guard because chances are you will break a chain if you don’t.  Odyssey MDS sprocket works the best.

Once you’ve figured them out, then take them to bigger rails, up rails, do them jump over, switch, barspin in it, 180, frontside, pop out early and do trick into and out of them.  For more crankslide footage, go check out the I Like Crankslides video from last summer.