Mike Taylor re-edit!

Mike Taylor is a badass!  He pretty much does what ever he wants to do and does it really quickly.  Here’s some re-edited clips from DUB BMX.  Mike needs to update his blog, but HERE it is!

Up Up and Away scraps:
Mike Taylor

If you happened to read Joe Cox’s A to Z of Filming, you’d know that Mike Taylor is a machine when it comes to cranking out video parts. For Mike’s Up Up and Away section, there were a lot of clips left on the cutting room floor and rather than let them go to waste, we decided to provide you with a scrap edit. Most of these clips are made possible by Joe Cox, Dan Cox, Bill Bottriell, Mike Naylor and Tommy. Thanks guys!

To get your hands on a copy of the Up Up and Away DVD, get in contact with your local bike shops or mail-orders. We should have them ready to ship out sometime within the next 3 weeks!

UPDATE: So the Ride UK site tells us those two ladies at the end were saying Bobby Dazzler… which makes way more sense than what we originally thought.

Mike Taylor web video on Dig!


Mike Taylor shares a new web video with his buddy Nailz over on the Dig site!   BSD filming up in Scotland.  As always these guys are dialed, so they probably banged out all this in an afternoon.  Might have been a few days, but nevertheless it is good.  In other Mike Taylor news, he’s making his way to NYC around the middle part of June, so that will be a treat.

Up, Up and Away photos… and pong?!

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We have a lot of photos from the trips we took while filming for our Up Up and Away video and we’ll be uploading the galleries leading up to the official release! This first batch of photos are from Barcelona.

As far as current team updates go, Jake’s back home in Western Mass drinking gatorade, Ian’s in Ohio waiting out the rain, Aaron’s in Nashville on Roadfools, Alex is in Kansas doing shows, Eric and Kurt are surfing in California’s heat, Mike and Joe are waiting for spring to come, Lee is probably at Life Cycle. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Ian and a bike check!!!

And last but not least, we also have a new photo-viewer and pong game! You can take it with you by clicking the share button on the bottom right! If you embed the LATEST gallery, the player will automatically update to the latest gallery we have available!

Sunday UK trip! Update

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor Grinding up a rail.

Well, we are on the final leg of the trip and we ended up in Portsmouth. After a night of playing pool against Nottingham’s finest ladies, we woke up to the raindrops as seen in the photo. Which leaves me time to bring you this update of our trip. As you know it is raining, but you don’t know is we are right across the street from the Law Court tranny walls. Damn! Oh well, there is a chance that it will stop raining by 1pm. Either way we have a back up plan which involves riding in tunnels or under a bridge.
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Sunday UK Trip!

Aaron Ross, Ian Schwartz, Joe Cox, Chris Russell and Mike Taylor along with myself are over in the UK right now doing a trip for IMG and filming for the Sunday video while dodging rain drops. Look for video clips from Filmer Bill in the video and photos in an upcoming RideUK article. Here are a collection of photos from the trip so far. We end it tomorrow and I’ll post some more then!

Mike Taylor Web Video

I believe Mike Taylor is fully recovered from his knee surgery last year especially after watching this web video! I’m pretty sure this was edited by Joe Cox, too.

Taylor and Piazza

Jim Cielencki’s full bike check can be found over on the Odyssey site. These is a Black Magic 20.5 Second Wave with the much misunderstood shaved headtube. I’ll keep you posted on any issues with it. Did a mostly black bike because it was lighter and I needed a change of color until I can think of something more interesting.

Mike Taylor is back riding again and getting wild with Krylon cans. Rasta paint job without the cough. Look for another bike check coming because Mike is going to be testing a shaved headtube frame.

Joey Piazza lives in NYC and has been getting flow stuff from us since last summer. Here is a photo of his black Ian Schwartz frame built up along with Morning 2.1 forks and toothpaste Trumph bars.