Jim C/Model C Random Photo


Here’s a photo of me barspinning the local jersey barrier in Buffalo aboard the Sunday Plus 4 Model C that I’ve been riding since last fall.  The photo was shot by Zak Taylor when Jake Seeley and the Garden team was here filming awhile back.  I’m trying to make some Sunday Wallpapers so you might see this photo along with some from the rest of the Sunday team.

Sunday Friends Model C!


Here’s a picture of Mike from Dan’s Comp‘s built up olive green Model C with matching Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars.  I’m digging the red chain and the green stem!  It’s really neat to see other creative colorways of the Model C.  Mike’s being a man and running brakeless!  There’s a lot of people doing that with this bike.  I’d like to see some web videos pop up of guys riding these.  Anyone????

Sunday Friends Model C

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Tim Sage sent me these photos of his super good looking 21.75 olive green Sunday Model C built up with Black Magic Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars!  He took it to his trails and said “I took it out yesterday and I am amazed by the way the bike rides compared to my old cruiser.”  Seeing is believing!  I’ve often put the bike in a person’s hands so they can test it out because I can guarantee that they haven’t ridden anything like the Model C before.

Sunday Friends Model C edition!

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Check out some good looking Sunday Plus 4 Model C’s built up.  The silver one is Brody Rutledge‘s from Ontario and the self painted black one is Bill Sympson‘s.  I’m really excited on these builds.  Look for more Model C stuff later this week.

Eben Krackau’s Model C!

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Check out Eben Krackau‘s new green Model C with green Plus 4 bars and forks.  It’s weird having to explain who guys are, but for those that don’t know Eben was a G Banks local out of San Antonio.  He rode for Homeless Bikes and Standard throughout the early to mid 90s and had parts in Dave Parrick‘s Homeless videos.  He said one of the best things about the Model C, “I think this frame would make it a lot easier for most of us to be able to keep riding into our 40’s.”  The Model C is intended to be a fun bike for all, but if it keeps guys riding as they get older then awesome!

Model C Bike Checks! Part 1

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Pablo Castano sent me over some photos of his olive green Model C with Plus 4 Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars all built up!  Wow, does this look good!  Not sure if its the photos or what, but I’m really feeling the colors on this one.  The cranks and pedals work so well and the green grips work even better.  Can’t wait to hear about this bike in the trails.

Plus 4 Parts available now!


Sunday Plus 4 Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars are now available at all of our distributors!  You can start piecing together your Model C right now.  Don’t worry the Model C is in transit to the US right now and should arrive in about 10 days!  So look for it in stores by the middle of April!  Check out below for complete part info!

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Plus 4 bars and forks!

Plus 4

We’ve given our 24″ parts selection a specific name, so if you start seeing Plus 4 don’t be confused.  The way these bikes ride, its just a 20″ plus 4″ more.  There’s not too much of a difference in feel.  The term “cruiser” doesn’t describe these parts very well.  Either way the Plus 4 edition of our product line will essentially be our regular products, bumped up to modern 24″ geometry. Available now are the Plus 4 editions of the Morning fork entitled Morning 24.1 and the Forumph bar called the 24umpModel C frames are currently on the water and should be available in the US sometime around mid-April.

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