Sunday at FFF

Ride BMX just posted their video from Ride The Plank at Fun Fun Fun Fest on their site today. Sunday flow and team riders like Aaron Ross, TJ Henderson, Will Blount, Cory Foust, Kris Marcum,Chris Hilbrich, Bobby Delaat and Jim Cielencki are heavily featured in the video.  This was a great weekend with the best backyard type ramp set up.

Trail Squad Q&A

BMX Union did a good interview with the Trail Squad about their recent trip video that is posted above.  Check out the interview right HERE.

Trail Squad Fall Trip 2011

The Trail Squad took it’s annual pilgrimmage to the northeast last fall. Scot Draper, Chris Hilbrich, Aaron Day, Bobby DeLaat and Logan Beyhl traveled by van from Austin, TX to Pawtucket, RI over a 12 day period.  Accompanied by dogs Hershel and Digger, they hit up trails and skateparks in Chicago, Cleveland, all over Pennsylvannia, New York, Long Island and Rhode Island.  Lots of BMX, digging, backyards, woods, BBQ, friends, good times and driving made for a super good time.  Bonus is Gary Young showing up for the last days.

2011 Year in Photos

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Well, 2011 is about to come to a close.  It’s been an amazing year for us.  The team was all over the place this year.  We hit up both Woodward West and East, went on Megatour 10 in Texas, hit up Texas Toast Jam, went to the Ed’s Games, traveled to Colorado, rode trails along the east coast, got lost in Tennessee, traveled around the Baltic Sea and went to Simpel Session.  I know I’m exhausted from 2011, but 2012 is planned to be just as busy. Thanks for the great year everyone.

Trail Squad Shirts!

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The new Sunday Trail Squad t-shirts are up on the webstore.  Chris Hilbrich, Aaron Day, Scot Draper and Bobby DeLaat just got finished with the east coast trail trip, so expect a web video soon.  You can buy all of these new shirts and the rest of the Fall line HERE on our webstore.  We’ve even updated the pricing too.

This is good!

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The Trail Squad is in Pittsburgh shreadding at Josh Pekich’s trails.  Good photos from everyone.  The Chris Hilbrich photo is epic.  More stuff soon! Photos Andrew Brady.