Thank you Kurt!

Sunday Bikes wants to thank Kurt Rasmusson for the time he’s spent riding for us.  He recently decided to leave the team to concentrate on other endeavors. Kurt came on the team during the filming of his super epic Left/Right video part which you should go watch again.  He possesses an infectious confidence that is inspiring to everyone around him.  He made his part from our first video, Up, Up and Away seem so effortless.  He still rides all the time. My funny memory of him was how he was our Spanish translator during trips to Guadalajara and Barcelona because nobody knew a single word of Spanish.  Not to mention he quickly became our tour guide in Barcelona.  Thank you, Kurt and good luck.

Guadalajara Photos

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Now that Up, Up and Away is available in most of North America, I wanted to show some photos from our Guadalajara Mexico filming trip last June. Aaron Ross, Jake Seeley, Ian Schwartz, Kurt Rasmusson and myself all went down there to film!  It was such a fun trip to Mexico, all the guys rode well and we met so many super nice people. I had no clue what this far south in Mexico would be like and it was amazing. Driving was a little rough, but once you realized you could basically just do whatever you wanted then everything was fine.  Check out the gallery, it’s what I could get when my nerves weren’t frazzled from driving!

Up, Up and Away photos… and pong?!

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We have a lot of photos from the trips we took while filming for our Up Up and Away video and we’ll be uploading the galleries leading up to the official release! This first batch of photos are from Barcelona.

As far as current team updates go, Jake’s back home in Western Mass drinking gatorade, Ian’s in Ohio waiting out the rain, Aaron’s in Nashville on Roadfools, Alex is in Kansas doing shows, Eric and Kurt are surfing in California’s heat, Mike and Joe are waiting for spring to come, Lee is probably at Life Cycle. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Ian and a bike check!!!

And last but not least, we also have a new photo-viewer and pong game! You can take it with you by clicking the share button on the bottom right! If you embed the LATEST gallery, the player will automatically update to the latest gallery we have available!

Team Schralp!


EXPN has an exclusive Team Schralp video up on their site right here.  Look for Sunday team rider Kurt Rasmusson in this video.  Dean Dickinson who shot this video is also on a Sunday and has a really good pool article up on the RideBMX site.

Purple Rain!

Check out Kurt Rasmusson’s Purple Rain Second Wave set up that was seen on the Odyssey site! This thing looks awesome! Subtle flashiness, not way over the top! So nice!

Few videos!

Rasmusson Ranch from Lotek on Vimeo.

This is Kurt Rasmusson’s home video. If you don’t know Kurt then you don’t know that he works his ass off making kitchen cabinets with his dad. He does this full time and I’m not exactly sure how he is able to be so dialed on a bike while working that much. Most people as dialed don’t work nearly as much or at all.

Kurt Rasmusson Firsts!

Kurt Rasmusson has a Firsts over on BMXonline, so go there and check it out. The main photo shot during a trip to Barcelona, isn’t just a Ruben wallride, its like a 270 to Ruben off the wedge on the right. It didn’t seem like you could make it far enough to do the trick safely, but if you know Kurt then you know he did it first try. And this photo was taken just moments after trying chocolate cake mixed in salsa. Good times! On a side note, there was a nude beach right behind us as Jeff Z shot the photo.

Random Mexico photos for you!

Here is a few photos from Mexico that I shot over the first few days of the trip. First is the Cathedral area of downtown. There’s a number of famous Mexican people buried here and their statues are all around the outside.
Second is this young ripper who proceeded to boost this footplant over the rail at the skatepark. Mexico had a whole bunch of young guys on the come up.

Jake laughing while working on some good tricks which he landed moments later. Ah, good ol’ American hangouts! Some of the guys hanging out at Starbucks which boasted a nice rail a few feet away and a quarterpipe curb in the drive thru.

So when we weren’t eating at American chain restaurants, we ventured into this place called Abuello’s. Spanish American cuisine at its sort of finest. The best part was the guacamole and salsa that was freshly made in front of us. The second best was Kurt’s face after trying salsa and chocolate cake!

Frame availablility update!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, its been a busy time for me. The photo on the left is of Kurt Rasmusson’s new Second Wave Black Magic frame built up. We received a production sample and Kurt built it up. Looks real good, I like it with the blue bars and forks.

As for frame news, the Ian Schwartz frames might still be available if you hurry. There’s a good chance a few more might come available in the next two weeks. Also look for a small batch in a month or so including a new color!

Second Waves look like they will be available at your shop by the end of the month! In fact you will be able to get the full kits at that time too! Forks and bars in all the colors will be available by the end of May!