Spring has Sprung!

Looks like trail season is getting under way in Long Island!  Steve Ciron sent over this pic of his Model D at the trails.  Go out and enjoy it!

Tom Arkus Bike Check

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Tom Arkus has a bike check and Q&A over at Fuel TV. We have some extra bike photos of him above from when he was in Austin this past month. Not much has changed though between now and then other than some different stickers. Click HERE to see his Q&A and bike check.

Sunday’s Interbike Booth!

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We’re at interbike this week showing off all of our new products and one of the big news that we’re pleased to announce are complete bikes! Right now, we have complete Model C’s and Funday’s in our booth and they’ve been turning lots of heads. More info soon as the week unfolds!

Tom Arkus edit

Tom Arkus has been shredding the trails and the skatepark lately.  He’s been putting his silver Model D to the test and here is the video to prove it!  Have you been to his website lately?  Vinyl BMX Do it!

Chris Hilbrich ad!

Chris Hilbrich, lettin' the hands fly on the Model D.

Chris Hilbrich, lettin' the hands fly on the Model D.

Austin’s own Chris Hilbrich graced the July 2009 Model D Sunday ad in Ride BMX.  Chris is almost fully recovered from the broken thumb he got a month ago.  He cut his cast off last Sunday and is back at it.  In the ad, he had supporting help from myself riding the Model C.  These photos were taken on the first day the Model C’s were built up.  Not too bad for the first day riding a cruiser!

Black Magic Model C and D!


Check out Ben Ward‘s Black Magic Model C built up with Black Magic 24umphs and Morning 24.1 forks.  Wow!  This looks so good!  And with this being a 24″ frame with Black Magic then it weigh over a 1/4 lb less than a painted version.  If you are looking for a Model C or our 20″ trail frame called the Model D in Black Magic then give Empire BMX a call.  Or if you are a shop looking for one then give Sunday a call!  Read more about Black Magic after the break.

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Tom Arkus Random Photo!

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Vinyl BMX’s, Tom Arkus came to town the other day and tore up the barrier spot from Sunday night’s post!  He took the Model D off the trails and tabled high above the barrier.  No flat landings here, he just dove right back into the barrier.  Did a good tire slide too!  Check out the gallery below!  Photos by Jim C and Tom did the touch ups!

Limited Black Magic Model C and D’s


In the days when limited edition doesn’t really mean much, these Model C‘s and Model D‘s are actually very limited.  So limited that we can’t even go through our distributors for this..  These look too good in Black Magic to last very long in shops.  So, if you want one I would have your shop call Sunday at 716-362-1525 and place an order for one.  Model D’s are available in 20.75 and 21 while Model C’s will come in both sizes.  Check out close up images after the break!

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Chris Hilbrich Silver Model D

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Chris Hilbrich just built up a silver Model D with Black Magic Morning 2.1 forks and Black Magic Triumph bars.  He went over to Peter Pan Mini Golf in Austin to shoot these photos for this bike check.  In other Chris news, he was recently on the Gypsy Tour about a month or so ago.  And if you’re at any ABA Nationals around the mid west then you might see Chris tearing up the track.  In fact, you’d see a number of people racing on Sunday bars and forks if you look close enough.