Forward Rope-e-roni?
Can't remember? Lardyard? Gerator?
Hang 5
Karl Kruzer
No handed Steamroller stuff
Hang 5
Dan Sirkin!!!


Model C Flatland Pics

This is awesome!  Check out Dan Sirkin doing some flatland moves on his Model F….I mean Model C!  Hitchhickers, wheelchairs, steamrollers and is that a forward Rope-e-roni?  When he sent me the previous photos of his bike, he said he probably won’t do any flatland on it.  But there’s no way to resist trying out all the tricks you know on this bike.  He said “Just about anything is possible.  It definitely spins a bit slow because of the big wheels but it holds straight lines and wide circles very well.”  Now if we can just get someone to decade out of a wallride.  Sounds like a webvideo contest to me!